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  • heat exchanger design

  • Air to Water heat exchanger

    Heat exchangers are devices used for maintaining specific temperature in the applications. There are many processes which needs to run at a specific temperature and heat exchangers are used for this purpose. Heat exchangers are manufactured using materials that are good conductors of heat. Materials like aluminum, copper and stainless steel are considered ideal for […]

  • Cross Flow Heat Exchanger

    Heat exchangers are the devices used for heating or cooling solutions in the applications. The mechanism of transferring heat is done using material that is a good conductor of the heat. Metals like copper, nickel, steel, and aluminum are used widely for manufacturing these devices. Materials like ceramic and plastic are also used for this […]

  • Water heat exchanger

    Heat exchangers are devices used for transferring heat. In the heat exchangers, heat transfer takes place between two mediums that can be liquid to liquid or liquid to gas, or gas to gas. The design of a heat exchanger depends upon several aspects like the required heat transfer rate, cost, and available size to fix […]